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  1. Are your courses HTML5 compatible?

  2. Can I access your courses from phone or tablet?

  3. Can I get a course certificate for completion?

  4. Can I increase the screen size of the TrueLabs VM?

  5. Can you explain the CBT Player features?

  6. Course issues when using Internet Explorer IE

  7. How do courses mark as complete in my LMS?

  8. How do I change my user password?

  9. How do I claim CPE credits from the free OWASP modules?

  10. How do I create a group, add courses, and assign users to it?

  11. How do I integrate these SCORM or AICC files to our LMS?

  12. How do I use my group key?

  13. How do I use the Polaris Learning portal?

  14. How do I view my students' reports? (VEGA)

  15. How do I view my students' reports?(Polaris)

  16. How many CPE credits does my course qualify for?

  17. How many CPEs does CSSLP qualify for? Will I need to record the credits manually?

  18. I am hearing an echo while taking the course

  19. I completed the quiz but nothing happened

  20. I forgot my password, what now?

  21. I received a group key to sign up but cannot signup

  22. New Course (Aug, 2015): Defending HTML5

  23. New Course (Dec, 2015): Defending iOS

  24. New Course (Dec, 2015): Threat Model Express

  25. New Course (June, 2016): Defending Android

  26. Problem accessing TrueLabs VM

  27. Problem running the projects in Tomcat servers in Truelabs

  28. SSP Examination Process

  29. The lesson progress bar is 0% after finished on Internet Explorer IE

  30. The lessons pop-ups are not opening on Google Chrome.

  31. Tomcat server problem: Add the missing library and maintain the current workspace.

  32. Tomcat server problem: Deleting the entire workspace to load the newly restored labs.

  33. Updates to CSSLP/Secure Software Courses (June, 2015)

  34. Updates to Java (June, 2016)

  35. Updates to OWASP Top 10 2013 (June, 2015)

  36. What are the system requirements?

  37. What does the Resources tab do in the CBT player?

  38. What is the group lesson key button?

  39. What to expect in the SSP certificate exam?

  40. Which browser should I use when viewing your HTML5 content?

  41. Why does the student's score reset when the course is reopened?

  42. Why won't the LMS recognize CSV files created on my Mac?

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