Updates to Java (June, 2016)

We are very happy to announce our newly revised Defending Java course: 

  Full Change Log for Java v4.0
  • Redesigned all slides to matches newest branding guidelines
  • Improved Mobile acceptability
  • Edited notes and formatting
  • Made new UI design for Java application examples
  • Removed all screen captures within the course
  • Fixed quiz bugs - removed seekbars in particular questions 
  • Updated code template with new one
  • Updated to SL2
  • Updated copyright to 2016
  • Removed 2014 from Defending Java 2014 in the title
  • Removed "Defending" from the module titles
  • Fixed grammar error in quizzes in insecure storage, SQLi and CSRF
  • Change mouseover hints in XSS
  • Fixed timing in Parameter manipulation
  • Fixed timing issue in Forced browsing 

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