Can I increase the screen size of the TrueLabs VM?

We do not officially support re-sizing the VM's screen size, but if you wish to do so, the command is:

nohup env -i PATH=$PATH HOME=$HOME USER=$USER bash -c "killall Xtightvnc;sleep 5;tightvncserver -name vncserver -localhost -nolisten tcp -depth 16 -geometry 1600x1200 :1”

Simply replace "1600*1200" with your desired resolution.

With this command you can adjust the geometry parameter to be  whatever size you'd like. After running the command you will get a java popup asking you to reconnect. You will need to wait about 10-15  seconds before hitting OK on this window. 

Please note that this change will not persist if you log out - in which case  the command will have to be run again.

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