Tomcat server problem: Deleting the entire workspace to load the newly restored labs.

If you are having problems running the projects in Tomcat servers in Truelabs and if you have not started any of the labs yet, or don’t have any work saved, it is safe to delete the entire workspace and restart your VM in order to get an updated copy of the labs. 

1.  Once on the desktop, open a Terminal:

2.  In the terminal type rm –rf
  persist/workspace  (without the quotes) and hit enter. NOTE* Be very careful with this command as any spelling mistakes could cause more to be deleted than expected:

3.  When the previous operation completes. Close the desktop window and log out of TrueLabs, then log back in.

4.  Launch the Defending Java labs again. You will see a page with a timer counting down. At the end of this countdown, the page will automatically reload and launch the lab.

5.  Once you are connected to the desktop again, launch Eclipse and proceed with the lab activities.

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