Why does the student's score reset when the course is reopened?

This is a configuration setting that is missing within your LMS.

Please check the course module's Launch Configuration to ensure that the SCORM/AICC module is set to Leave the course unchanged on re-open.

As an example, within our LMS:

  1. We open the lesson that contains the SCORM module.
  2. We edit the lesson Launch Configuration
  3. We change Action on Re-entry to Leave Unchanged.
  4. This ensures that the score is not reset when the student re-opens the course after completion.

Similar settings exist for every LMS, and you should contact your LMS vendor for more information.

Advanced Users Only:

In some situations, the LMS is not fully compatible with SCORM standards within our course builds.  These cases will require manual modification of the .ZIP course files.  We recommend this for advanced users only and you should contact us before attempting.

1. Extract one module of our provided ZIP file.  For instance 1_SQLInjection.zip

2. Open up the Configuration.js file.

3. Change this:


To this:


4. Save the file, and re-zip the entire folder structure 

5. Re-upload your course to the LMS

By making the change above, this should cause the score to only improve on subsequent attempts.  If you continue to have issues, you may need to update some code in the lms.js file located in the /lms folder of your published course. 

6. Look for the following function in the lms.js file:

function SetStatus(strStatus)

In that function, you will see the following lines:

case "incomplete":

To prevent the course from ever being set to incomplete, remove those three lines of text, 

7. Save the file, rezip to the course .zip file (preserving directory structure) 

8. Re-upload to your LMS.

Other Notes:

If you are building your own Articulate Presenter files, you can change the template here which will affect all future courses:

C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\players\template_scorm\lms\SCORM
C:\Program Files (x86)\Articulate\Presenter\players\template_scorm 2004\lms\SCORM 2004 3rd edition
C:\Program Files (x86)\Articulate\Presenter\players\template_scorm 2004 3rd\lms\AICC
C:\Program Files (x86)\Articulate\Presenter\players\template_aicc\lms

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