Course issues when using Internet Explorer IE

If the course freezes or fails to load, and you are using IE9 or above, we suggest if it is an option, to first try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

If this isn't an option for your organization, then you can try the following:

Step 1: Clear your cache:  To do this, open your IE browser then click on Tools (or hit Alt+X on your keyboard), then Internet Options

Next Click on Delete, and ensure that Temporary Internet Files and Website Files is checked, then click Delete, at the bottom of the window.

Step 2: Add your LMS to the Compatibility View Settings: Go to Tools again, then click on Compatibility View Settings. In the Add This Website bar of the window that opens, type then click Add

Step 3: Log back into LMS: Log back into the LMS, and try the course again.  Please note: you may be prompted to download and install Adobe Flashruntime.  If you are, please follow the prompts to install this software, then retry to course.

If you continue to experience problems, you can also try the following Microsoft article as we've seen it resolve some issues regarding incompatible browser add-ons for Internet Explorer for Windows 7 and below.

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