I completed the quiz but nothing happened

We're sorry that happened.  Please read some of the reasons below why this may occur.

Did you close the portal?

When you launch the module, ensure that you do not close the window below that contains our Polaris portal.  If you close the original portal, then the browser will not be able to keep track of your course progress. 

Do you have any adblocking extensions in your browser?

Although it shouldn't have any effect, please ensure that you disable your current ad blocking for the current module and allow pop-ups for the Polaris domain.  This is to ensure that any modules that popup won't get blocked by your browser.

Also, there is an extensive amount of communication that happens between the course and the browser and some adblocking tools may interfere with this, so ensure you disable it.

Did your internet connection cut out? or did you leave the course open for a long time?

We try to allow for many different learning environments, but we ultimately have to ensure that the user's session will timeout.  If you have left the course window open for a long period of time without completing the quiz, then there is a chance that the Polaris Learning Portal will have timed out.

If you are going to start the quiz, try to complete it in a reasonable timeframe to ensure your session remains active.

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