How do courses mark as complete in my LMS?

This is dependent on your LMS configuration and completion settings agreed during delivery of the course.  Security Compass would have asked what your preferred pass rate was during custom building of the course.

Our defaults are:

  • Introduction modules pass on > 3 slide views.
  • Quiz 75% to 80% depending on the course.

How SCORM/AICC marks as complete in your LMS:

  1. Students launch each module (zip file) independently as a lesson.
  2. Student must leave the original LMS window open to ensure proper tracking.
  3. If the lesson contains a quiz, they will have to complete the QUIZ to mark the module as complete.  The lesson contents do not account for completion as the student must proove they know their course material through the quiz.
  4. When quiz is successfully completed, a SCORM/AICC signal will be sent to your LMS to mark completion.
  5. The lesson will prompt that the user can now browse away from the page.

When might courses not register as complete?

In the following situations, the lesson will likely not register a course as complete.

  • Student does not pass the Quiz.
  • Student finishes content but does not take the Quiz
  • Student partially starts the Quiz without passing
  • Student closes the lesson without completing the Quiz
  • Student is disconnected from the LMS while taking the Quiz
  • Student loses network connectivity and browses elsewhere in their browser without finishing the Quiz.

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