How do I integrate these SCORM or AICC files to our LMS?

Security Compass will have provided our courses in your requested build format of SCORM or AICC for integration into your LMS.

What we've provided

Within the delivery file, you will find an easily organized folder structure containing the files required to integrate to your LMS.

  • /ModuleDescriptions - Descriptions of each of the module.  This is for use within your LMS to fill in course descriptions for the students.  It is optional, but may help describe the setup
  • /SCORM or /AICC - Contains .zip files each being a SCORM 1.2 content object (SCO) or AICC object to be imported into your LMS.  
  • It is recommended you do not extract these zip files.  Most LMS deployments will accept SCORM objects in .zip format

Setting up the SCO or AICC objects

Security Compass recommends the suggested layout below to create your course within the LMS.

Introduction Module

  • It is recommended that a rule be set within the LMS to require the Introduction module as the first module.  This is to introduce the learner to the course and introduce the pass requirement.
  • COMPLETION: lesson is configured to pass once the student views > 3 slides

Lesson Modules

  • We recommend allowing the student to take the lesson modules in any order they desire.
  • COMPLETION: lesson is configured to pass on Quiz completion.  See instructions to understand the % agreed upon during delivery.

Specific Launch Details

Please contact us if you are experiencing difficulty integrating our modules into your LMS.  Each LMS provider differs and as such we may need to provide specific assistance and work with your LMS team to integrate but don't worry, we'll be happy to help.

Here are some specific details that may help:

  • Module Launch Point - this should point to index_lms.html, avoid pointing the launch point to player.html or index.html as this will not enable the proper tracking.
  • Popup or Embedded window - we prefer embedded windows for each lesson as it reduces the chances of a student closing the LMS window behind the popup.  However, if your LMS embed window is very small, it may be better to allow for a popup, but let you students know they should leave the base window open.
  • Action on Re-entry - make sure to change this setting to leave the student's score as unchanged otherwise when the student re-opens the course, your LMS system may reset their score to zero.  (see the following article on why a student's score may reset when they reopen the course.)

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