Can you explain the CBT Player features?

The player that appears within each CBT has a number of features that can help you with your learning.

After you launch the course, an interface similar to the one below will appear.  The core functions of the player are as follows.

On the left you will see:

  • Menu - the table of contents for the current module.  This will outline each section as it can be seen within the course if you wish to jump back to any particular section
  • Notes - contains  the course notes.  As each section of the CBT plays, you have an option to follow along using the slide notes contained here while the voice over speaks.  The slide notes are for the current section only.

On the bottom you will have:

  • Seekbar - you can click this seek bar to seek through the audio and animation of the current section.  If you click down and move your mouse left to right you can also seek through animations more quickly to jump through anything you might have missed during the current section.
  • Next - the next button allows you to skip to the next slide.  Certain slides will restrict the next button in an effort to have to perform an interaction or answer a question within the course
  • Prev - the previous button will help you skip back to the previous slide
  • Repeat - some seekbars have a repeat button to allow you to easily start again from the beginning of the current section's audio and animations.

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