How many CPE credits does my course qualify for?

Upon completion of your course, you will receive a certificate indicating how many credits that course is eligible for.  

As most of our courses take about an hour to complete, the majority of our courses are eligible for 1 CPE.

As referenced from the 2015 CPE reporting policy and guidelines:


Completing self-study, and attending Computer-Based Training (CBT), webcasts, and podcasts - Group A or B credit

Members can earn one CPE credit per hour for completing a self-study program, attending computer- based training, or viewing a Web Cast or Pod Cast. For example, members can claim 1 CPE hour for attending one hour of online training course, or watching a webcast or podcast. However, (ISC)2 will not allow members to submit more than the maximum number of CPEs recommended by the self-study provider"

Members should keep documentation of hours spent earning the CPE credits submitted under this category. In the event that they are audited, members are required to provide their records.


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